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  • Resumx is the only fastest growing database of jobseekers.
  • Profiles registered are spread across industries, functions and experience levels.
  • Candidates can be contacted real time either through E-mail or SMS.
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Example - Markting Executive, Software , Bangalore, 5 years, Qualification, Skill
Manager, Delhi, Noida, Freshers , City, Job Profile
Designation, Industry, Role ,
2.2 lakhs to 4 lakhs, "Proges Engineer" etc..
Searches all candidates active in last 1 year
Search Tips
Any word written in inverted commas (exact phase) will be considered as keywords only. e.g.
  • "Software Engineer", Bangalore ; will give resumes with sales manager as keyword and Bangalore as location
  • "Software Engineer", "Bangalore, Delhi" ; will give resumes with "sales manager" or "Bangalore" or "Delhi" as keyword
This has been done to facilitate searches for companies like "HDFC Life" "Powermax", "Surya Plant" etc.
  • It can be specified as exact value or range e.g. 2 Year, 2-5 Years
  • It has to be suffixed with yr, yrs, year or years
  • It cannot be specified in Decimal values e.g. 2.5yrs
Annual Salary
  • The salary can be entered in lakhs and / or thousands
  • Use salary range (E.g. 200000 - 500000) for relevant matches
  • Multiple locations can be specified
  • For faster search, full names of the States have been mapped, e.g. typing Madhya Pradesh,Maharashtra,Mumbai in keyword box will give all resumes from this state, thus user will not have to specify each city separately.
  • You cannot use locations e.g. "Mumbai AND Delhi", "Mumbai or Delhi"
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Frequently Asked Questions
What is Resumx and how it is different ?
Resumx is Resume Database Access. Crpl has acquired a large database thousand jobseekers across industries, functions, locations and experience levels.
With a Resumx subscription you not only get access to the database but also easy to use search tools that help in searching for the right candidate with utmost convenience.
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How can I search for candidates on Resumx ?
I am a super user of this account, but I cannot search on Resumx.
How many recruiters can search on Resumx at one time ?
Can I contact candidates registered with ?
Can I save previously done searches ?
Can I save resumes that I like during my search ?
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